Donald Trump Jokes

What is Donald Trump telling Barack Obama supporters? Orange Is The New Black. 

Why are Mexicans so offended by Donald Trumps views on immigration? Because they can already see the wall he's going to build from space. 

Why is Donald Trump always seen with Melania? Because all his other wives support Hilary. 

Dear El Chapo, if you mess with Donald Trump, there will be hell toupee. 

Hilary Jokes

Why is Hillary Clinton just like a man? Because she won't pull out until she's done.

What will Bill Clinton be known as when he leaves the White House? The President after Bush

Why does Hillary want to have sex with Bill Clinton first thing in the morning? She wants to be the first lady.

Why does Hilary prefer dogs to Bill Clinton? A dog chases his own tail

 What was Hilary Clinton's last gift to Monica? Spot remover. 

 How can you tell you've just had sex with Bill Clinton? You've got french fries in your hair, and Vernon Jordan is handing you a job application.

Favorite Dirty Joke

Two Men were out fishing when one decides to have a smoke He asks the other guy if he has a lighter He replies "Yes I do!" and hands the other a 10 inch long BIC lighter Surprised the guy asks "Where did you get this?" The guy replies "Oh I have a personal genie." The first man asks "Can I make a wish? " Sure says the other man "Just make sure that you speak clearly cause he is a little hard at hearing" "Ok I will" says the other as he rubs the lamp a genie appears and asks the man what he wants The man says " I want a Million Bucks " The genie says OK and goes back to his bottle and 10 seconds later a million ducks fly over head And the guy says to the other " Your genie realy sucks at hearing doesnt he?" The other man replies "I know, do you really think I asked for a 10 inch BIC"