Arkantos is one of the most prominent Hackers in The State.


He is a holder of The Matrix Cross, and is recognized as one of the most skilled hackers in militaries. He was recently the Chief of Research and Development in The State.


In the Summer of 2013, Arkantos joined Graal. He was still new and hadn't learned hacking just yet, he was just like every other Graalian. Later in 2013, Arkantos joined The State after he observed a rally in Graal City. He followed orders, attended trainings and was a soldier in the war. After State fell, he joined as a Captain in The Union Military which fell soon after. After Sherlock destroyed The Union, Arkantos retired until King Auel was back again. After Auel returned, he joined State as a Master Sergeant. State fell once again, and in 2014 Arkantos Started learning hacks. He got banned many times as a result of this. During the Summer of 2015 Arkantos researched a powerful hack he called "Improved Horse Wall Hack," which really helped him off mapping. Late in Summer 2015 State was back and Arkantos joined it as Chief of Development and Research.


"Only Pros cheat."

"All people are nabs to me expect Auel."

"Don't wait for someone to teach you, learn yourself."