The ALA (Askovia) was created in the early summer of 2016 by Regius and Chiang. The point of creating the

guild was seeing the threat of AFO (Sarovia) which was led by Constantine Mako.

Askovia Liberation Army

Regius and Chiang thought of many ways to run the guild, the first idea was democracy but they knew it couldn't last. They contacted Peter under the name of Gamble at the time and recruited him. Askovia eventually had a solid Senior Staff containing, Regius, Chiang, Peter, Neos, and more exceptional officers. The guild grew to be quite large with 40+ members, but with big numbers came guild spam and a lot of nonsense in general.

AFO was an elite small military project that Constantine Mako created to restore "seriousness" to the community. It was not large, but it boasted loyal and quality soldiers.

Then one day Askovian Officers met in Regius' guild house and spoke of an ambush or invasion on York. It was eventually decided that the invasion should be done. 30 Askovians mounted on their horses to attack some AFO Sarovian Soldiers at the York Bridge. Then AFO came with reinforcements, AFO pushed the 30 Askovians to Delta and the battle waged on for almost 2 hours. AFO continued to fight, Regius offered Constantine to guild spar but Constantine denied multiple times.

Eventually, Constantine and Regius agreed to a tie between the two. They settled that Askovia won the Invasion of York, and AFO won the battle at Delta. Then AFO started forming into the first Sarovia and allied with Askovia forming the ASC, (Askovian-Sarovian Coalition) to combat the quickly-growing Gilnean. But was short lived, as anti-Sarovian propaganda was released by Askovian sources. Regius grew stressed and destroyed Askovia himself.


The guild started without uniforms, many prototypes of uniforms were made and were being worked on. No uniforms were ever officially released.


Askovian Commander Uniform.