Basic manipulation is one of the most simple and powerful things a person can do. However, it is often done poorly. Being someone who has manipulated all my life, I can give a few foundational points.

Feeling Needed

The most important thing to remember is you must make your target feel needed, but not so much that he or she believes they have the upper hand. You must exert yourself as the dominant one in this deal, without explicitly saying so.

The Better End of the Deal

Your target must feel as though they’re getting the best end of the deal. The way to do this is to not straight up ask for what you want. You should set up the deal in such a way that it seems as though you’re asking for so little and giving so much. Consider what chains of events would lead to your goal, and ask your target to do smallest possible task with the largest possible reward to set off that chain of events.

Lying Effectively

Rule #1 of Graal is never forget your lies. But do more than simply remember them; write down your lies, and plan how your lies will expand over time. Always make sure you’re telling the same lies to everyone, and never, ever, change your story.

Always Pay Your Debts

Lying is a big part of manipulation, as I just mentioned. But there’s one lie you should never tell: “I always pay my debts.” Simply put, it shouldn’t be a lie. If you’re a person who pays their debts, that’s something people remember about you, and they’re more likely to do business with you in the future.

Don't Screw People Over

Most people think manipulation is all about screwing people over. It isn’t. If you manipulate someone, and then fuck them up, and you need them in the future, do you think they’re going to be willing to do business with you and get fucked with for a second time? I made this mistake several times in my journey, and I’m still paying for it, even after leaving the game.

Being friends doesn’t hurt

This may be a bit of a moral challenge for some, myself included towards the end of my journey, but – Always know who you’re going to need, and make friends with them far in advance to when you actually require their services. Vulnus did this with the Consilim Family, Morzan did it with the Kazakov Family, and so on. Never get too attached to your pawns, though – It takes a single move to take one out.

It was surprisingly difficult to write this, I've never really thought about what I do so much as just do it. But I do hope this inspired some budding evil masterminds.