I'm putting my own take on manipulation here.

What up, biatch? I'm going to give you a few tips to manipulate. (Warning. Should not do. I do not take responsibility.)

Friendship is AMAZING!

In order to manipulate people, typically you prey on the weaker minds. Lets say we have a Sergeant John, and a Commander Smith. You don't just go ask CMDR Smith to "kick some fools in ur guild m9". Suggest the military Sergeant John is enlisted in is corrupt, list a few examples. Usually, if SGT John agrees, he'll tell his friends without you even asking.

But. The catch. If CMDR Smith and SGT John are not friends, SGT John has a lower chance of persuading CMDR Smith to preform a mutiny. Yeah. It sucks. But if they are, SGT John has a greater chance.

(By the way, check out Beck Entertainment. It's run by a pretty savvy new military comer named Edward Beck who posts videos of rants and other military crap. Posting link here when I receive it.)

Men unite under two reasons: fear and a common interest. If SGT John and CMDR Smith fear this military, what it plans to do, they'll stop it. If they have an interest in it, they'll support it. Limit all the evidence you show them.

Compassion is not a Strength

I get it. You care for your "Zor" family or "Rhodes" family or your whatever family and friends. Guess what? You'll eventually backstab em too.

Because you care is not a strength. Sure, it's excellent cover for #3. But it doesn't help you become the Badass of the Year, and a good manipulator. Swift and fast. Like something else that I know B).

Back on track. Be a honey badger. Don't give a shit.

Be Walter White. Don't get caught.

DO NOT BE STUPID. Letting your special someone or best comrade in on your little drug cartel plans isn't going to help. Because sooner or later, the DEA gonna be kicking down your door. And who's the best police officer here? ME.

Keep track of your lies. Be the Illuminati.


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