Before I start, this rant is co-wrote: between the lovely Doctor James Moriarty and little Graal updates from Eddie Beckie.

Liars?! Excuse me!?

James Moriarty: That's exactly what the undertaker told JOHHHHN CENA! (do du du duu)

Seriously. I hate liars. Coming straight at you David, (aka Aizen).

I'm gonna read a few Kik messages between us.

David: Yeah this is my new empire idea, Kaedei (link here Make a website for me?

Me: Yeah. *makes website* so about this? 50/50 workload. I make website, give my old man advice to you. I pick a representative to attend meetings so I can help. You do everything else.

David: No! I gave you wrong info and if you don't do what I say I'll put a deadly virus on your computer. You were never Sherlock. I believe in Time! *blocks* (biggest mistake ever!)

Do Good!

James Moriarty: As I am writing this, the Asian carp have probably jumped the border again and made a new empire.

*I got confirmation from Beckie boy, they haven't.*

James Moriarty: You're not supposed to ruin my comedic value, damnit!

Why do you join the military community?

Most join to do well. You should join however, to do good.


I hate this #TrumpItOrDumpIt trend. He wants to kick people OUT OF YOUR COUNTRY! But check out this sick burn from an America's got Talent judge to Asian performers.

"Heidi Klum praised Siro-A for entertaining in a “really different way, admitting, “I can’t get enough of it.” Meanwhile, Howard Stern cracked to the Japanese contestants, “I just got a telegram from Donald Trump. He’s going to let you stay in the country.” More seriously, the shock jock called the act “spectacular” and representative of what an “America’s Got Talent” act needs to be."

That's all for now, folks!