Although I agree you over simplify the problem, I find myself that most leaders here are not eager to serve or make guilds.

By guilds, I mean Infantries or Divisions, etc. They lost that will and excited feeling.

I remember, Lieutenant Sherlock D. of State Infantry II, and I was ecstatic about leading State Infantry VII with Amb. Super eager and excited

But nowadays, everyone already has made guilds of their own or units. They've witnessed that feeling of power, greed and lust and it's not exciting for them anymore.

Sooner or later, we'll need to train new officers. We CANNOT rely on the older officers as unit leaders. Can they become Generals or Presidents, overseers to the new generation, yes! But they cannot become unit leaders, because their eagerness to lead one, are they enthusiastic--no.

But 1-2 years, old officers WILL BE GONE FOR GOOD. We might as well start training the new officers now, instead of making whatever cancer crap guild you're thinking of.

We want these new officers to login onto Graal in the morning and think "I'm so excited. I can finally lead my own men!"

Instead of "Oh. Boy.. Another day leading. When can I take over Y again?"