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Welcome to the Graal Military Wiki. The wiki was founded on January 29th, 2014 and primarily through the direction of Roanoke Han grew into a formidable pocket of information for the people of the Graal Military Community. Here you will learn a great deal about the origins of where the community came from, the major players in it's shaping, the guilds that rose and fell, and everything else that went with it. The wiki has a lot to explore, so feel free to look around.


March, 2020

A message from the Graal Military Wiki community

In December 2019, the surviving members of the Wiki staff team decided to create a new Wiki Executive Committee, and begin the migration process to our own private domain. In March 2020 we decided that it was time to close the Fandom Wiki and publicly release the new one. Ultimately, the Fandom Wiki is a piece of history in itself, so it will be kept up to be viewed as it once was, however you will not be able to edit anything here any more. The new Wiki can be found at https://wiki.graalmilitary.com


For a complete list of people and families on the wikia, click here.

Military Guilds & Organizations

For a complete list of militaries with or without a wikia page, click here.

Notable Conflicts


Check out the forum here. If military graphics is what you're looking for, check out xiaosgraphicsdepot.wordpress.com
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