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Graal Military Leaders of 2016

  • Kevlar Regium Vaughn, led Communist Aurea and founded the Aurean Empire in both Classic and Ol' West, novel GFX artist.
  • Azrael Kusan Vaughn, was the 2nd Emperor of the Aurean Empire, formerly a Sarovian officer.
  • Harau Exilius Bacsey, Emperor of the Bacseyian Empire
  • Xenophon Bacsey, high ranking Bacseyian officer (Legate).
  • Sol Fessler, led Bastille and several other guilds, former Aurean officer, has quit, amateur GFX artist.
  • Vulnus Regium, led a somewhat successful State, was the Aurean Empire First Minister.
  • Mevarus Avidius Vaughn, was a Prince in the Aurean Empire, was a Commissar and Colonel-General in Communist Aurea and an officer in some noteworthy militaries.
  • Constantine Mako III, led the New Sarovian Empire several times this year, has gone inactive.
  • Peter Astoria Rhodes, led several militaries this 2016, a high ranking Bacseyian officer (High Legate)
  • Regius Magnus S'ahlesius, was Bacseya's General, former Aurean Commissar and Marshal.
  • Tyrell Vaiken, led the Vaiken Order and Exercitus Romanae, former Aurean Commissar, former Bacseyian Legionnaire, was a Republican Colonel.
  • James Dolan, led Bunicken Reich, former Commissar in Communist Aurea, and was a Minister in the Imperial Court of Aurea.
  • Ryzallion Magnus, was the leader of Interritus.
  • Chiang, Co-Founder and former Commissar of Aurea, former Viceroy of Bacseya, was the Emperor of Colstrium.
  • Auel Vist, led a few guilds this 2016, contributed in the creation of the short-lived Kingdom, was the General of the Republic.
  • Isamu Ryuji, founder and king of Sehzan.
  • Ian Kalvacia, led Kalvacia for about 3 months.
  • Paynius Valeria, successfully led Sehzan Knights and played a major role in various wars.
  • Germain Crawford, led several guilds this 2016, played some role in various wars and conflicts.
  • Muzak Kusan, led various guilds this 2016 like Reinhard, Kaiserreich, and some other guilds that lasted at least a week or so.
  • Auel Morzan, was an officer in Vulnus' State, was the King of Mazarus which monopolized the community for a few weeks, introduced a set of new officer-worthy people.
  • Donald, led a somewhat successful guild called Cerenthia with Paw, was an Aurean officer.
  • Paw Vivre, led Cerenthia alongside Donald, started a rebellion against Kevlar's reign, was a Sarovian officer, was an officer in some noteworthy militaries.
  • John Atlas, was a Sarovian Prince and General, ended the first Sarovian Empire, was a big figure this 2016.
  • Outlaw Mako, was a Sarovian Prince and officer(general?), supposed successor of Constantine, participated in a few militaries like the Aurean Republic.
  • Grizz Regium, Lord-Commander of House Regium, Major General of Vulnus's State, Lieutenant General of Sarovia and First Minister of the First Aurean Empire.
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