Kusan Delawyn (2016)

Auel Kusan is one of the most well known, and fondly remembered members of the State in it's history. With an exceptional ability to lead and teach he has become a mentor to many, which include: Vulnus, Sherlock, Coffee, Karthas, Laxus, Azrael, Irish, Muzak and dozens others. Known for his leadership ability he was able to advance very quickly within the State, he joined late February 2011.

I name two of my best trainees, and early family members, Muzak and Irish the heir to the Kusan throne.This will remain in affect unless both of them quit.

After a year and a half hiatus of being active and inactive, he has taken up the name Kusan Delawyn and now plays with medium activity.  His personality is more reserved prior to how it was when he was active in State and also despises the pet name "Kus Kus" now.

Kusanic Missionary

Kusan Delawyn is the head of a religious following known as the Kusanic Missionaries. Kusanists, as they call themselves, are followers of certain ways and traits of Kusan's personality but remain to themselves to avoid causing trouble.


  • "Fear is but an option.  Fear is a thought, stimulated when one perceives something as scary or dangerous.  When one perceives nothing as scary or dangerous, pain isn't stimulated and therefore does not occur.  It's your option."
  • "Rules are meant to be broken, when the rule maker says so."
  • "Everybody, hug formation.....on me."
  • "Things are beginning to get interesting."
  • "A soldier who strikes fast, strikes first."