People of the military world: You are not lost.

You are misguided. You are power hungry, greedy, and stupid. Some of you even claim you were offered the family name Auel, which is total bs, but wouldn't surprise me since the name was useless ever since Morzan got it.

But what have we, the former leaders of this world, done to prepare you? Jack.

We trained you, sure. Formations ain't gonna make you the new leader.

So I propose something. Gorgo, Zearos, Xinke, Vul, myself, maybe Kozak and anyone else who will listen. We need to return. Sadly.

We need to share some of our advice, stories, and maybe even set up a foundation. Give them experience, set up one more military, and pull an Auel. Never return.

What do you say? One more guild? A council of old, weary souls helping the next generation.

Xinke and Zearos can preach (Hahah) but that isn't going to help. We can act but that isn't gonna help. But together? It just might work.

What do you say? Hoorah?