The military community is built on a foundation of lies. There’s one simple way to combat this. Don’t believe anyone.

Everyone tells a lot of lies and few truths, so, it’s better to just assume no one is ever telling the truth.

Let me start off with something I mentioned in Scare Tactics. No one can hack, except CheatEngine. That’s wallhacking and shit. Money hacks are impossible, hacking guilds is impossible, hacking accounts is impossible, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise unless they actually have solid proof, which no one does. Because they don’t exist. Trust me, I have more background in computer sciences than any of you nibblets, I know what I’m talking about.

And to address this point quickly – Michiko or Mika or whoever, is a crossdressing guy named Zachary Robinson. Just saying.

Now that I’ve gotten the whole hacks thing out of the way, secret societies. This was the topic of Scare Tactics. They don’t exist. Not one secret society ever claimed has existed. The Consortium, my own, was hardly a secret society so much as a small group of people spreading rumours and doing WoW raids. (Shameless self-plug, The Consortium has a fairly active WoW guild on the Sargeras Realm, you can join in on the fun if you have WoW)

Okay, so people are always lying about hacks and always lying about secret societies. If you can understand that and you’re not so brainwashed to think otherwise, you’re on the first step to immunity, and immunity is the first step to greatness.

I’m going to end this because I don’t want it to be too long, and I’m going to end it with one simple point. People only have as much power as you give them. When you let people into your head, they have control over you. But there are two words that can shatter a parasite –

“Prove it.”