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What I See in a Military

Honestly, people ask me why I destroy craploads of militaries. Frankly, because I see a crapload of crap in it. I'll talk about recent events more than older ones, but it's important to know each side of the story, no matter what one you believe. --WARNING: TRUTH BOMBS ARE BEING DROPPED.--

Militaries are shit now. No arguements about that. Ever since Xinke was added to the Auel Family the name is worthless. Aga and Rohan don't do shit. Peter admits he does no shit. Logan is actually laughable. Pathetic.

This is becoming cancerous and no one is on this front defending what was good against the complete stupidity that is the new militaries. Except me.

I guess the new trend is calling me a coward for doing this, but I see different. It takes guts to kill something people love. But people loved the SS and it had to go. People hate me for killing things. Sorry about their luck, but it's not my fault that your guilds are actually hurting my head.

Someone came up to me earlier and said I cannot destroy this "evil" but rather contain it. I say bullshit. He's right, all I do now is contain it. But I can destroy it, not alone though.

I'm just a police officer. I'm detaining people but sooner or later it comes back under a new form and I get back at it.

How to stop

No one wants to fight back but it's needed.


That means Germain, Logan, Peter, everyone who endorses socialism. You're target 01.


That means Logan (x3). Stop remaking State, stop sucking Auel for GRAAL LIKES. You're target 02.


That means anyone who's "just a retired old man." If you want it fixed and you aren't building worthwhile, non copy, new and innovative guilds, or doing something to prepare, or doing jobs others don't, you don't want it bad enough.