A graal military story

The Republic had long since laid hostilities off of its southern neighbor Pantheon; but recent hostilities lead to an armed conflict. South of Pantheon sits Amestria; another nation which is not directly affiliated with the conflict.

Republican Officer: Burn everything and slaughter those who try to stop us! Republican Soldiers: Yes sir! The republicans moved swiftly throughout the Pantheon border village of Burgundy, famed for it’s dairy and farm foods. They had an agenda to kill; and in their yellow uniforms they seemed unstoppable to the defenseless farming town. In the Weiss family home, many citizens of the town are held in safety. The son of the Weiss parents, Treize; a hothead magickan and a swordsman-magickan in training, holds his short sword in hand by the door. His father and mother gather the townsfolk in the center of the house. Winry: Everybody stay calm, we will be able to survive if we don’t interfere with them. Kusan: Honey, our son Treize and the rest of our village is at risk. We can’t just-- Winry: You gave up using magicka when you left… when you came To Burgundy. Treize: Father! Mother! They are knocking at the door! Kusan: I’ll try to negotiate with them, everybody hide. The townsfolk spread out across the home, taking up hiding spots wherever they can find one. Treize and his Mother take many others into rooms and lock them, safely behind the doors. Kusan opens the door and attempts to negotiate with several Republican soldiers. Kusan: Hello, gentlemen. What brings you here? Colonel Donald: You know why we’re here. Kusan: I do, don’t I? What do you seek? A promotion? Praise from your President? Colonel Donald: Maybe, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here for you. They take the butts of their rifles and hit Kusan with them repeatedly, before he is able to react he is knocked out. They take him and move the soldiers out of the town and march their force back north. Treize and his mother come out of hiding and evacuate everyone back to their homes, but Treize can not find his father. Treize: Dad! Winry: They took him, didn’t they? Filled with grief and sadness, the two go back into their homes, knowing they cannot pursue such a large force alone. The next day, however Treize sneaks out with his sword, his magicka spell book, and some food and water. He leaves his mother a note that tells her of where he went: To the capital city of Pantheon, ironically named Capital City. He makes very good progress throughout, and is sometimes given free supplies by dainty and nice townsfolk along the way. He sleeps in any town he passes and sometimes on a cot in the woods. Eventually however, he spies a group of bandits and tries to avoid them. Treize: Damn, bandits. Bandit Leader: Hey kid, c’mere! Treize: Try and catch me! Treize runs away but trips over a rock and is easily caught by the bandits who pull their weapons and begin to rob him. However, they are stopped by a mysterious figure clad in a black robe. ???: Lay off the kid. Bandit: Or else? You and what army? hahaha! ???: Me and this army. The mysterious figure cracks his knuckles and uses magicka to throw the bandits a few feet away from Treize. He draws a greatsword from a sheath on his back. ???: Kid, stand back! The mysterious man immediately runs at the two bandit goons and attacks them, killing both. He dashes towards the bandit leader and jumps over him, turns around and pushes him to the floor. He takes back Treize’s stolen supplies and a bit of extra goodies. He then wounds the bandit leader, letting him off. ???: I’m Sol, a wandering merchant. Treize: I see. Thanks for saving me and all, care to accompany me to Capital City? Sol: Sure. Sol gives Treize the supplies and the two walk to the city, when they arrive there Sol disappears. The camera goes to a small fort to the south of Pantheons borders. Sol: I’m back, and I found the kid like I said I would. Kind of puny for a 16 year old son of a Auel in my opinion. Amestrian Soldier: Nice job, Fessler sir! Fessler: I go under the alias of Sol when I am up north. Lieutenant Colonel Kevlar is in charge of this outpost whenever i’m gone. That kid believes i’m a wandering merchant too. Nice kid, I need to protect him however. That is certain. He is young and yet I saw him use magicka during our trip to cook some food. He wants to find his father and I respect him for that, but he’s young to be put into military service. Colonel Mathiveas: I see, sir. Kevlar and I will keep this place fortified and guarded when and when your not here. Fessler: Excellent. Back in the capital city, Treize is stopped by a man who reveals himself to be Brigadier General Xinke. After a short conversation the two enter the city and the Brigadier General takes him to Lieutenant General Marius, currently at the head of Pantheon military operations and second to only Prince Clovis. Marius: Son of Kusan, correct? How has he been? Treize: That’s why i’m here, to get my father back! Those Republicans took him. Marius: Easy, kid. Pantheon and Republican soldiers to the north are engaged in a bloody stalemate of trench warfare, we have hesitated to directly lead a force north because of the risk of a Amestrian invasion and as the road and towns leading up to our capital are undefended, we have constant risk. Treize: I came here because my father always spoke of an officer named Azrael who was his partner during his governorship of the Elysian province, maybe I can go to him for whereabouts of my dad? Marius: Azrael became a traitor and rebelled to the north, gathering past Arcadian rebels and even Peter Rhodes and his banished armies. He became the vice president to Peter Rhodes, and the two were quick to become hostile to us as we are both common enemies. Just then, 5 armed men in black uniforms burst through the door. Another one in red walks through. Marius: Rohan, how goes the marches around the western and eastern borders? Rohan: Good. My force has spotted no insurgencies or attacks, just strange reports about bandits and milk. Treize: Milk bandits. I had a little run in with some bandits on my way here, what say I head over there and deal with it. Then can I be given some men and a title as a Pantheon operative? I came here for help to find my father and i’m not leaving without it. Marius: You’re just like your father. Take this gear and go ahead, however; if it becomes too dreary for you tell Captain Julian. He’s in charge of the town where you're going. Marius hands Treize a polished steel longsword with the Pantheon encryption at the start of the blade itself on each sides, along with a more advanced spell book to learn off of: more food and water and light armor. Treize sets out in a armored car for the town and when he gets off the town seems deserted. He walks around and finds a large amount of bandits, maybe more than 10 running throughout the town. A few shop owners with pitchforks fight them but they are losing quickly. Treize dashes forward. Treize: Stop! He claps his hands together and then bends down and smacks them on the floor, causing the dirt roads to go up in a upheaval. It throws the bandits off course and many of them fall off their spots in the skies, dazed. Treize then dashes and uses more magicka to create a ring of electricity around their bodies: causing them to be locked in place out of the fear of an electric shock. The others, are let be and they dash away. Zearos: Thanks! I thought we were dead! Treize: No problem, i’m here on behalf of Pantheon. Citizen: I see. The bandits are camped on a road northeast of here. I can take you there. Treize: Let’s go, then. As the two move further towards the supposed bandit camp, Treize thinks of the times he had with his parents at Burgundy, but for now those times were done. He was going to become a operative now, and he was going to serve to his death if it meant his dad could be brought home. The citizen stopped abruptly on the road, Treize grew suspicious at this and put his hand on the sheath of his blade. Citizen: This is where the road ends. Fresh meat, boys! Treize: Not this again.. Treize draws his blade and chops the first 3 bandits down, but they keep coming. He is able to hold his own and several spells he read about on the way to the town are put into effect, causing fire to be cast unto the enemies. However, despite this they keep coming. Bandit Jones: How can he cast such advanced spells!? He is only a teen! Bandit Lonnie: No idea, but it doesn’t matter! Just kill him! Treize: I’m not going to be able to hold out for much longer! Just then, a large almost unhumanly man in barbaric armor comes out. He holds a large, crude blade in his hand. A old man jumps out too, but he seems to be against him. Zearos: I can not allow this any longer! He is old, but he casts a defensive spell that allows him to move to the back of the barbarian. He pulls two dual knives and begins to fight him. Bandit Rick: That old guy is fighting the chopper! Using a surprising sense of speed agility and strength, Zearos is able to get the chopper on the floor and finish him. He turns towards Treize. Zearos: I’m an agent with Pantheon, we knew you’d need some help. The two rush towards the bandits and with a long fight are able to capture some and defeat the rest. Treize: I never liked to kill… But for dad, it’s a necessary evil. What do you think? The Republic took him. Zearos: Two wrongs don’t make a right, young one. But your goals and merits are not in the wrong. Come on, i’m sure the town would like to hear of our accomplishments. They walk back to the town and meet with Captain Julian, the officer incharge of the town. Julian: So you’ve showed the bandits a thing or two? Zearos: More than a thing or two. Signal for the armor car, we’re going back to the capital. Captain Julian then signaled for the pickup and the 2 went back to the capital through a rainy night. When they went through, they went directly to Marius. They got out of the car and Treize knocked on the door. Treize: Marius? You there? A man comes and opens the door, he has purple hair and a face mask that leaves his eyes and anything above his nose uncovered. Aga: Sorry, Marius just went campaigning tonight. You just missed him, maybe you didn’t see the huge force coming out the gate? But that doesn’t matter now, hurry inside. You're going to catch a cold. The two follow Aga inside and sit down. Aga: I’m Lieutenant Colonel Aga. I’m in charge with the defense of the capital while Xinke and Clovis are up north and Roxas and Marius are down south. I can telegraph Auel of your accomplishments and give you verification as a operative if it will help, but for now you just have to stay stationary. Treize: That’s fine. And of Zearos? Aga: Until ordered on a different task he will accompany you through your missions and if it helps, to find your father. Just hang out in the city and maybe train yourselves until Marius and Prince Clovis get back. They’re probably eager to meet you. Anyways, as you know being a operative is not just gaining more power and access to Pantheon archives. It’s being a loyal soldier and operative, but that’s enough of me talking. Want to play some 3 way chess? The camera zooms back to the fort south of the Pantheon border, where we can see Marius and Roxas side by side directing an army towards the fort and its surrounding areas. Inside the fort is Fessler, his aides and some of the Amestrian forces. The rest are positioned in surrounding areas outside the fort. In minutes, bugles go off and melee and gunfighting is fierce. It’s a cluster and a set of death and action. In the center of it all, Fessler and Marius face each other from a few feet away. Fessler: I used to serve you loyally, as a dog of the military. Marius: You are still a dog of the military, just in a higher position. You serve no higher goal or effort, do you? Fessler: What fun is a continent without multiple nations? I did it to prevent tyranny. If you would have had control without rebellion from the Republic and Amestria, you would have been absolute. What would stop you and Clovis from becoming tyrants of the people? Marius: It’s sad to see your views this way. Fessler: You’ve slipped up, Marius. You do not just want to control the continent, but you wish to take your fight to the gods of the land themselves! Marius: Whether I do or I don’t is irrelevant. Your path of war ends today, fool. The two clash as they draw their blades. Both weapons are superior, polished and crafted to perfection. As they fight, neither man seems to get any advantage. Fessler: You fight too recklessly. Fessler stabs his blade into Marius’ left arm, but he is unharmed. He flicks the blade away, it falls to the floor. Marius: My limbs are made of enhanced steel, they seem humanly on the outside, but on the inside they have the enhanced steel. Do not mistake recklessness for weakness. Now, let’s finish this. Without his sword, Fessler has no weapon, and Marius easily stabs him straight through the stomach; the blade going through. Blood comes out and as Marius pulls the blade out, Fessler is dead before he hits the floor. Marius: Too easy. Soldiers, continue on with the attack! Marius sheaths his blade and picks up Fesslers body. He brings it back to the field camp and buries it, putting a black flower on his grave. As the day goes on, the fort is taken and Amestrian soldiers who survived or were posted elsewhere are unable to defend against a superior Pantheon army. Marius walks through the Amestrian capital, with his elite guard. Amestrian de-facto emperor V. Hughes surrenders and then shoots himself in the head, unable to live in a conquered nation. Back north however; things go less happily for the Pantheon forces. The camera goes back north to Brigadier General Xinke, and his force fighting fiercely against Colonel Donalds force. Pantheon Soldier: Come on, dammit! We need to capture this ridge by nightfall! Xinke: 2nd Regiment, provide covering fire! I’m leading the 3rd and 4th regiments personally! Xinke took out his sword and pointed it forward, ordering a charge. As they got covering fire the Republic made a steady fallback until the Pantheons were able to secure the ridge and take cover. As Xinke takes his sword out of a dead body, he looks around the battlefield and see’s a general rout. Xinke: Keep firing on them, when they are completely gone setup trenches and earthworks! We will not lose this position! After taking thorns ridge, Xinke was able to set up a supply line and the region officially came under Pantheon control. However, Prince Clovis was fighting a even larger force with trench warfare east of Xinke’s location. Magicka and gunfire, even hand to hand combat rages on daily and death has become more of a regularity then an abnormality. Clovis plans to allow the enemy to use their supplies while Xinke flanks around and surrounds their force. The camera zooms back to the city, and 3 weeks pass. Marius is back in the city and so is Roxas. The two enter the city with 5 armed guards. Marius: It’s nice to be back home and away from the perils of war. Roxas: Yeah, it is. Isn’t it? Going straight to your quarters to see Aga? Marius: No. I need to see someone else, two operatives of mine. Roxas: Alright, it’s a nice day today. I’ll be at the central park. Marius goes to the operative barracks and finds Treize and Zearos. Marius: I heard you were looking for me? Treize: Yeah, you got the telegram then? We were waiting for you. Marius: And this is about your father, correct? Treize: Good assumption, yes it is. The more we wait the more time the Republic has to kill him. But there was something else I wanted to ask you. Marius: What is it? Treize: You knew my father, but how? Marius: Why don’t you ask him yourself? Your second mission is to free prisoners at the main POW camp of the Republic. Treize: And if he isn’t there? Marius: I’ll send you somewhere else. I get freed prisoners and you get to find your dad. Treize and Zearos exit the barracks and set out, getting their fresh gear. They meet up with a brigade of soldiers lead by Captain Julian. Julian: I see we’ve met again. The city was under control, so they didn’t need me to lead military intervention there. I’m back in charge of what I like to call Blitz Brigade. Zearos: How creative. The two operatives and the brigade meet up with Xinke’s position up north and then head west of there to the POW camp. After a battle filled with mostly gunfire and magicka, the camp is taken and all the prisoners released. Treize: Dad? Kusan? Has anyone seen a man named Kusan? Prisoner: They moved him to the Republican capital just before the attack. Treize: Then that’s where we’re headed. Zearos: Before we go there, there are some friends we should get to take with us. The duo go even further west to a almost abandoned village that has been the area of conflict for much of the border wars there, Zearos knocks on the door and a man and a woman open it up. Sherlock: I knew you’d come again. Gorgo: You and the kid, huh? Zearos: I haven’t seen you two in a while. How has it been? I shouldn’t be asking anyways it doesn’t matter much. I’m here to recruit you. Sherlock: I am not a slave to the military anymore. Treize: This is for my dad, guys! Sherlock: You’re Kusan’s kid, then. He left service for you. I followed his path, not to mention I lost an arm serving. Treize: Your arms look fine. Sherlock: When we find your dad, it’ll all be explained. Gorgo: I’ll be glad to kick some Republic ass for the country I was born in. Sherlock: I guess we’ll come with you then. The 4 go off into the northern road and head towards the capital, acting as citizens whenever under question. They speak of their pasts and futures as they walk; service to Pantheon and even of their parents. When they arrive at the city; Treize and the party use fake citizen passes acquired in the city of Falren they stopped in on the way to their destination. Now at the capital city of the Republic, Viacy; they walk towards the courtyard where the stairs to the dungeon is. Zearos: We bust in, get Kusan and use magicka to get out I guess? Gorgo: The density of the snow and the sheer cold of how far north we are will hinder our magicka abilities, we’ll have to refrain from using it. Let’s move. The 4 sneak into the dungeon, and make it to the cells. there are only 2 guards patrolling, and the 4 easily knock them out and put them in a corner. They release kusan and begin to sneak out, but before they can there are at least 50 Republic soldiers facing them in the dungeon. Gorgo: Sherlock, dammit I told you to watch out for tripwires! We must have set off an alarm! Republic Soldier: Put your gear down and surrender or we will shoot. ???: Stand down, private. ???: You're probably wondering who I am, why i’m wearing these ceremonial fire garbs and why i’m here. ???: I am Baugauven of the flame, one of the 4! Baugauven causes a change in the air currents; causing a massive flame to be shot towards the now party of 5. They duck. Zearos: We all won’t be able to make it. Kusan, take your child and escape. We’ll deal with these fools. Treize: Zearos; no! Sherlock: Move, you idiot! As they say their last goodbyes, tears slide through their eyelids and they part ways. Kusan and Treize blow a hole in the wall and escape to the surface, while the battle downstairs continues. Gorgo: Live and die by the sword! The 3 channel a joint magicka reaction that throws the strength from their bodies, mixing with Baugauvens channeling of the air currents creates a huge explosion; No one is left alive. Kusan: I’ll explain everything when we’re gone from this wretched place! Treize gives his father an extra blade he was carrying just in case, and they run as fast as they can out of the city, into the forest that surrounds it that shields them from the snowstorm just a bit. Kusan: We’ll have to set up a temporary camp, they won’t chase us in such a storm and we’re safely hidden in this forest. The 2 find a good spot where the trees twist together and make a small circle shaped abode below them. Kusan: You’ll probably want to hear everything, so i’ll start. They captured me and took me to the POW camp. When they saw you guys in the distance they took me to the dungeon, but along the way I overheard some secrets of theirs. They plan on making an Auel, and using it’s genetics to make a army of them. Treize: What is an Auel? Kusan: When 100,000 people in this world die, An Auel is created. So far they have all been made on Pantheon grounds; where the main struggles occur.  The gods made this part of the world because they believed that by making these people, if you can call them that; everyone would be protected. The sacrifices made to those who were Auel would drive them to find peace they sought. However they became dogs of war. I am an Auel, and I left my service to Clovis because of you. I couldn’t keep fighting with my handsome son at risk. Treize: Keep going, father! I need to know more. Kusan: Each Auel is given extreme abilities and a special power by the gods no matter what past Auel’s have done.  I was given my powers as speed and agility. From the two other Auels I know of: Marius and Sherlock, Marius has limbs made of enhanced steel and Sherlock; he lost his powers. When he had his mental breakdown because of the strain of killing so many people, he was brought to the Capital, where Marius took his powers from him. Marius is the first Auel and generally the leader, which is why he can do such. Chances are, there are more Auels as Marius wouldn’t bestow the power into himself or an already powered Auel. Sherlocks original power was regeneration. It’s a lot to take in, so you should go over all I told you again, kiddo. Now, let’s get set up for the night. The two get set up, and they set up mock defenses such as a makeshift alarm to keep them safe. Away from the storm and cozy in their little corner of the forest; they eat dinner of dried meat from Treize’s supplies. The camera goes back south to the Amestrian fort, but this time on a unmarked grave. Soren: This must be Fessler. Finally, I can use him to my own will. hehe. Soren digs the grave up in the night and then begins attempting to resurrect him. Fessler becomes alive again, but seems to be in a coma. Soren can not move any further with the type of Magicka he is using. Soren: I guess i’ll just have to take the bod-- Just then, A gunshot rings out and Soren drops to the floor. Shot in the back of the head, he seems dead. Vulnus: You won’t be a problem anymore. Vulnus kicks Sorens lifeless body to the side and finishes resurrecting Fessler. Vulnus: I am an Auel, Fessler. I have used my unique power to resurrect you. Because of this, you will serve Pantheon and me well or I will force you to. Do you have your memories? Fessler: Yes, I do. Vulnus: I will restore your strength to you, and then you will come into my service? Understand? Fessler: Where is-- Amestri-- Vulnus grabs Fesslers neck, Fessler; in his weak state can not do anything. Vulnus: You do not ask questions, you serve. I’ll make sure of that. He drops Fessler to the ground and clasps his hands together, and channels a reaction with the magicka in Fesslers body, turning his magicka red and Fesslers eyes red. Fessler: Yes sir. The two go back to the HQ and Fessler is given his full powers back. Meanwhile, back in the Capital city, havoc is in full swing. A breakout from the central prison has resulted in a small time insurgency in the capital, and the national guardsmen are fighting a heavy amount of prisoners in the central park. Private Reynolds: Call for backup, their taking the park! After telegramming in for more soldiers, Marius comes in at the head of about 500 fresh soldiers. With magicka and the general superiority of his troops, he is able to make an example of the prisoners, 2,000 deaths and 500 more sent back to imprisonment. The rest are sent for execution. After fighting such a tiring battle, Marius sends his troops back to the barracks and makes his way to the abandoned chapel just outside of the city. As he nears it, he gives the okay to the two guards outside and they let him in. As he enters, he notices the frustration in the man he has came to see. He looks at the gate to the unmanned world. Rohan: Sir! The progress on the gate has been stalled, we don’t have enough souls to get a real transportation from our world to the plane of the gods. Marius: I told you, use any means necessary. The end always justifies the means. Rohan: I will not sacrifice our citizens to-- Marius: Then i’ll find a replacement, your code of honor is going to cost you a lot more than you hoped for. Marius pulls out his personal issue revolver and shoots Rohan twice in the chest. He walks over to him, and uses him as another soul for the gate. Marius: Sometimes I think that this is wrong, what I do. But the gods are not what the people think they are, the gods are corrupt beings that have total control over this world. As much as I hate to do all this; the only way I can stop them is with these… methods. Marius looks over the gate and then leaves. He goes back to the city and rests, thinking over everything and believing that if he can take the fight to the gods, the world will be put into peace. Meanwhile, back to the frozen forests up to the north Treize and his father pack up and set out again for Xinke’s camp to the south. After a long journey filled with side talk however, they are ambushed by a Republican scouting party. Kusan: We’ll have to take them all out or else they’ll give word to the nearest group of soldiers that we’re here, hurry up! Treize: Got it! Treize draws his sword and dashes towards the first member of the group, stabbing him. He looks back and sees his father defeat one and move on to the last one, so Treize runs to his fathers aid. The two finish off the job, cover up the evidence and keep moving south. They make it to Xinke’s camp by nightfall. Pantheon Soldier: Halt! Treize: I’m a Pantheon operative, me and my father need shelter immediately! Pantheon Sergeant: He has certification! He has the encryption! Take him in! The soldiers take him and his dad into Xinke’s command tent. The Brigadier Generals face goes pale. Kusan: Don’t look so surprised, it was a matter of time before I was reinvolved with the military. Your taking of my old post does not matter to me, I’m just sheltering here until we’re ready to move back to capital. Xinke: While you are around, though please do help me around the camp. The winter has struck hard, and we’re dug in fighting disease and attrition. Though you're not under my command or any command for that matter; please. It is a  request from me. Kusan: You can’t get more supplies from the capital? Xinke: Marius just dealt with a revolt and though he crushed it mercilessly, the leader of it is still at large. Many say he’s a professional killer. Kusan: I’ll fix up your camp, buddy. But after that me and my son are leaving back south to see Marius. Xinke: Hehe, yeah. Just fix the mess of a camp we got going on here. Kusan begins to fix the camp up, he perfects soldiers quarters and fixes the issues of the camp. Soldiers dressed in rags now bear polished uniforms and the camp is elegant. Treize: It’s beautiful. Kusan: Yeah, but we won’t be able to see it in fruition anymore. We’re going to the capital. The duo head back to the capital in a long walk and meet Marius at the capitol building. Marius: Have you come back to re-enlist in the military? Kusan: No. I’ve come here to stop you. Treize:Fa--Father what!!??? Kusan: I refused to risk my life in a battle against you with my son about to be born, however I, unlike the other Auels, know what you plan to do. Marius: I am the first Auel and something of a parent for all of them here on earth, and when one dies I feel the pain. Just like I felt it a few weeks ago when Sherlock died. Kusan: Admirable. Marius: The gods of this forsaken land are corrupt, and my plans must be achieved. Do you not understand? As the population grows more and more land will be mysteriously destroyed by them. The small island of Airasia was completely destroyed before by them and the residents killed. That included 5 State emissaries and 10 of their guardsmen. Kusan: And that means you’ve told the others? Marius: Of course I have, soon everything will fall in place and we’ll attack the Plane of Gods. Treize: But the gods control the land! Each one of them! If something were to go awry up there, wouldn’t-- Marius: We cannot think of that now, the ends justify the means as many have said. Those wise men and women who said that were always correct. Kusan: I can’t let you continue, i’ll kill you here. Without you the other Auels will be weakened. Marius draws his blade and Kusan creates a cutlass using magicka. Treize: Father-- Why!? You can’t do this! Marius leaps towards Kusan, blade awry. He lunges towards him; and the two battle. Marius gains a small edge when Kusan loses his footing and slices a gash in his leg. Kusan: Gah! Kusan grips his wound, he grimaces at it. However, he knows he can not stop his defense to heal it. He continues battling Marius, as if nothing happened. Treize: Dad! No! Marius: How does it feel? Knowing these moves you make will be your last!? Marius barrages Kusan with more sword moves, he stays defensive; he can’t make his own moves until he reacts to Marius’. With this, Kusan cannot hit him. Kusans sword is near breaking point, it has taken a beating. Just then, a final swing from Marius breaks it in half. Kusan: Never trust magicka-made tools! Kusan jumps back to avoid getting hit, and Treize lunges forward to help him. He channels a defensive spell for Kusan and creates a sword for himself.  Lunging at Marius, the two now fight. Marius: Stand down, Operative! Kusan: My father is more trustworthy than you! Marius strikes Treize away easily and leaps towards Kusan, slicing his left breast. Treize: Dad! Out the window! The two hop out the window and into the streets, they dash off into the alley. They run to the most secluded spot and go behind a dumpster, hidden from everyone besides them. Treize: You’re wounded badly, we’ll need to get that patched up. Maybe head back to Burgundy? I’m sure mother Winry would love to see your face again. Kusan: No, we’re getting patched up to a village north of here.Before that, I have to explain everything that went down. Before Pantheon, a nation called The Nation was here. It was prosperous and Marius was its king. The military of the nation was known as SAFF. In 2 years, the gods began condemning soldiers in periods of days. When soldiers were freed and the military began activity again, more were condemned. They were banned, banished whatever you want to call it. Stuck inside the realm of Hayate. When the peril continued, the nation was disbanded to prevent further chaos. Here, Marius grew a hatred for the gods. He used his power as the first Auel to gain the trust of the others. They are loyal to him, and with the others he hopes to defeat them. He needs to be stopped, the gods are corrupt but without them the flow of our world will break. Even more chaos will erupt. Treize: But father, he seems to be fairly good intentioned-- not to mention we can’t just go up against all of Pantheon! Kusan: We will go up against the Auels of this land. If we can defeat them, there will be no way to enter the plane of gods; human beings would die upon entering. This may mean indirect hostilities to Pantheon, but; we’ll have to risk it. First up, we’ll have to find them. I’ll get patched up just north of here in Lore, you need to head to the archives and read. Meet me back there when you're ready. Both set off, while Kusan goes to get patched up Treize heads to the archives and fills his head with more knowledge, he eventually finds a book containing the info they need and he checks it out. He asks around to find the town and heads there. He looks for the local doctor. When he finds it; he walks in to find his dad under surgery. The surgery seems to be immoral however, the doctor seems to be more interested in using Treize’s father as a specimen then to mending his wounds. Treize: What the hell!? Who are you, and what are you doing to my dad!? Treize draws a knife from his pocket. Fore: I was going to heal your dad, when I noticed he had the ability to use magicka. I figured he was to weak to at least ease his wounds with it; so I started to patch him up. But he’s different; not like any human. It’s strange. As a man of science, I took myself up to investigate. You can’t hurt me for that. Treize: This is not science! It’s not human! Now leave before you can seriously harm him! Kusan seems to be most recently set on the table, meaning he has not been more seriously poked and prodded at. Fore: Sure, let me just-- Before he can finish, he quickly draws a Desert Fox issue handgun from his trenchcoat pocket. Aiming it at Treize with astonishing speed, he fires twice. One shot hits Treize in the shoulder blade, the other hits him near his chest. He falls to the floor, and seems dead. He begins to bleed out. Fore: You fool, you couldn’t just let me continue my work. Just then; 3 people come in. The first one has mid length dark blue hair. The second is a female actually, with nice black hair that goes down to her elbows. She seems to be, however not only the prettiest: but the best magickan of the 3 at first glance. The last is nothing special, but wears a cap and a Pantheon warrant officer uniform. Helen: I am Warrant Officer Helen; the leader of this group. Fizz, Laureng. Introduce yourselves. Laureng: I am Laureng; the master swordsman of the West. Fizz: I am Fizz, great Magickan of the south. Helen: You are Fore, correct? You must be. The HQ said you would be up to something funky. Fizz, check on the kid and the guy on the table. Laureng, secure Fore. Laureng dashes at Fore, slashing his left arm. He hits Laureng in defense, pulling out his pistol. He shoots at Laureng, however he misses. Laureng easily dodges the bullet. It hits Helen instead; straight on the forehead. She drops to the floor and dies. Laureng continues to fight Fore; ignoring the death of Helen. He slashes his eye. Fore drops to his knee against another slash and he dashes upstairs. Laureng is slow to pursue him and Fore jumps out the window, while in front of the window mid air he creates some form of a hourglass shape energy mid-air and disappears. Laureng: No! Laureng runs back downstairs to find Kusan standing up, wearily. Fizz is trying to save Treize, it seems useless. Kusan: I’ll.. dea--... I’ll deal with it. Kusan grabs Treize’ knife and begins to cut himself. He gives himself a gash, then injects Treize with the blood. With that, he uses Magicka to complete the healing. Treize wakes up; wearily. Laureng: Fore escaped through the window. He used some type of magicka hourglass to teleport himself it seemed. Kusan: I think we need to find a real doctor-- no… now. Fizz: You don’t look so good, either of you. I’ll explain why we showed up here on the way. My grandmother lives in a cabin near here. They set off, Laureng and Fizz dash through the night of the town and into the forest. It is warm, and easy outside. Fizz: I was captured in the south and Laureng was captured in the west. We were masters of our combat trades and our trades in general, and we were captured by illegal Pantheon slavers. Duds were placed in our position and our names were changed. Laureng doesn’t speak much. With Helen dead, we’re not bound to her anymore. They arrive at the cabin, Treize and Kusan are brought upstairs and the elderly lady begins operating on them. In a few hours, they come out looking better then ever. Treize: Thanks. The grandma is silent. Fizz: She’s mute. She was a spy for Pantheon way back, when she was caught by the barbarians when they existed; she was tortured. The 4 talk and laugh, while the grandma smiles at times and writes down some sentences to communicate. She cooks dinner and they eat. Treize: This reminds me of my moms cooking… Kusan: We’ll see her again. Don’t worry. Laureng: I lost my mom. Fizz: We both lost our parents, Laureng. To Helen. We can’t let anymore evil go on. Kusan: At the moment, me and my son are trying to stop a large evil. Care to help? Laureng: I suppose we’re already in your party. They talk of their pasts and secrets and grow a bond for each other. Even Laureng shares a little. They sleep, and when they wake they get ready and set out. Treize: The first Auel is some guy named Vulnus. Kusan: General Vulnus, respectively. He should be camped in the western borders. Treize: How do you kn-- Kusan: No matter, let’s go. They hitch-hike a train on the luggage cart and set out towards the west, and they arrive at the station. They head to the camp and are met by Vulnus right at the gates, however surprisingly: the wandering merchant Treize encountered earlier is there. Fessler: Halt! Treize: Sol! What are you doing here? Vulnus: He is not Sol, he is Fessler. He used that alias while up north. Ex leader of Amestria, he is a mere slave under my command now. Treize: But… you protected me? Why? Fizz: We came here for a reason, let’s get on with it. Kusan draws his sword. So does Laureng. Just then, a man in a purple overcoat and a purple helmet comes out. Vulnus: Very well, then! Macbeth! Take the girl and the kid, Fessler! Take the blue haired one! I’ll take Kusan myself. Laureng lunges at Fessler, he jumps back and pulls out a greatsword. Fessler then ducks down and runs towards Laureng, slashing him in the stomach. The attack isn’t extremely successful however, Laurengs gear is merely shredded in the area. Laureng: Too easy. Laureng then hits Fessler, Fessler blocks the sword attack and now the two fight. When Laureng gets his blade near Fesslers neck, Fessler trips Laureng with his foot causing him to fall and the blade goes awry. The sword lands near Kusan, and Laureng looks up at Fessler. Fessler: I’m sorry, it has to be done. He starts to stab the blade downward, but is met with something large and metal, stopping the blade. Laureng has a sword blocking the attack again, he looks to where the sword was supposed to be on the floor, it’s gone. He looks up towards Kusan, who winks at him. Laureng pushes Fessler back and gets up. The two continue fighting. Vulnus channels a heat wave at Kusan who falls down momentarily, sweating at the magicka attack. He turns the grass floor where Vulnus is standing into wood then quickly creates a wall of steel bars around it, with a steel top. With the first part of the magicka attack complete, he sets the wood on fire. It burns Vulnus, with the heat and enclosed area he is having trouble putting it out, the fire burns his hands and his body but eventually he is able to break the bars and escape. He leaps out, screaming and falls to the floor. The purple helmeted man by the name of Macbeth does not wield a weapon, but instead creates a huge boulder mid air and throws it. It stays mid air and he creates several cannons that stick out of it. Treize jumps away and signals for Fizz to try to jump out of the way, but she stays put and  creates her own boulder, sending it flying towards the one macbeth made. It hits on contact, exploding. Fizz covers her head and creates a gun with magicka, aiming it towards Macbeth. She fires several times, killing him. The attention of the battle sways to Vulnus and Fessler. Fessler gets hit in the arm by one of Fizz’s bullets, and dashes away. Vulnus turns the ground into mud and water, helping him a bit. He is able to tend to some of his injuries with magicka and he escapes. Kusan fixes the ground and gathers everyone. Kusan: Are we all fine? Fizz: Yeah, but the two of them got away. Kusan: Damn, Vulnus is probably heading towards the capital, when he gets there we won’t be able to defeat them singularly and we’ll have to fight them altogether. Treize: Which means? Kusan: We need a plan B. Treize: Dad, i’m growing tired of this. I want to go home, I want to be at mind and body’s ease again. Why should we do this? It’s unnecessary. Kusan: I understand what you’re saying son; and if you feel that way you can go back home. But I need to stop Marius. I’m not stopping you from leaving. Treize: Well, father. I want to go home as much as you do but I can’t let you and your antics go without me. We both know you’ll need me. Kusan: That’s my son. They go and set out for the west. Fizz: Where are we going? Kusan: Roanoke City, in the Pantheon colony known more prominently as the “old west.” The colony is officially known as Western Pantheon, however. You need to cross the Tesla ocean to get there. Fizz: Tesla and Roanoke, who were they? Kusan: Tesla was a low ranking Pantheon soldier who earned prominence because of his combat nature and his unique fighting style. He loved using steampunk garb and weaponry, and so when he was able to stop a large raid on the ship sailing for what is now the colony; they named the ocean after him. It’s a ocean, but it’s more like a sea. And Roanoke; he’s an ex-god gone rogue. Mentor to Marius and the leader during the genocide of Arcadia, he’s debatably of equal or near equal to Marius’ level. He’s supposed to be the Auel of the west. Him and Kevlar are there. Kevlar's just an ex-Amestrian who serves Pantheon now. He’s Roanokes aide. Laureng: Understood. They take a ship and end up on a hot, dry beach head. They walk to a city, with a huge plaque near a wall inscribed with “Roanoke City” on it. They enter, and naturally; head to the capitol hill where Roanoke will probably be located. When they enter, it is empty and seemingly abandoned. But Treize with a clumsy trip; accidentally activates a secret button that opens a door. It heads downstairs, into a temple. A man with light brown hair, a covered eye and a grey deck uniform stands near some sort of hourglass. It seems to be harboring a large amount of energy. Roanoke: I was expecting you. Warriors and Magicians. Seeking my death, are you not? Well, haha. I’m sorry to say but I can’t exactly allow that. I’m in the middle of something. Kusan: The hourglass! Is this why the colony was set up here?! Roanoke: Of course, you fool. I don’t plan on letting you live so I’ll tell you everything. The continent across the Tesla ocean is in a odd shape. If you take away the small eastern and western Duchy’s, you get a hourglass shaped continent. The hourglass symbols all power and magicka of the world. In order for Marius to get his little portal he needs to have a large piece of energy or magicka for that matter. A whole nation in the shape of the legendary hourglass should do it, right? Kusan: Seems I was kept in on the dark on some stuff. Roanoke: I’m sure you were. But now, I have the power of the one and only hourglass itself! Hourglass, come to me! The energy of the Hourglass is given to Roanoke, though somehow it retains its original amount of energy. Laureng: This ends here! Roanoke: It will end here, for you unfortunately however. Roanoke casts a spell. He moves with haste now, with the same sense of speed and agility as Kusan and create. Kusan responds by doing the same, and the two move quicker than noticeable. They seem to be blurs. Energy goes throughout the whole place. Fizz: Don’t just stand there! Help him! Treize and Laureng dash forward, with their blades out. Fizz casts a armor spell on them, boosting their pain tolerance and resistance to attack. As they battle, more and more energy seems to be building up. Roanoke: You fools! The place cannot hold such-- Before he can finish speaking more and more energy creates a large explosion, Roanoke’s body is destroyed by the energy and the hourglass is split in two. So is the floor and the ground in general, splitting the party up. Treize: NOO! A empty abyss that stretches in width of about 50 miles and goes through all of the world has split up the party, and goes straight through the Republican-Pantheon border. Xinke and Clovis’ force are trapped in Republican territory. In the exact center of the abyss sits a mysterious castle with unearthly power seeming through it. On the northern side sits Treize, and Laureng. On the southern side of the abyss sits Fizz, and Kusan. The camera zooms to the northern side of the abyss where Treize is knocked out and Laureng sits wearily beside him. Laureng waits, and tries to wake Treize up. Eventually both are awake and now sit side by side, peering at the abyss and the destroyed terrain that lay in front of them. Laureng: Fizz and Kusan must be on the southern side. Treize: Aren’t you the genius one? Of course they are! Laureng doesn’t speak back. Treize: You don’t speak much, do you? Laureng: I speak only when necessary. Treize: I noticed the hourglass also split in half. I’m sure it must be somewhere around here. Laureng: Maybe in that giant castle up north? They look behind them and make a startling discovery. Not only is there a castle in the abyss, but there is one up in the northern mountains back towards the Republic. Treize: There’s probably one down south, too. Maybe if we can use the hourglasses power we could enter the castle? I’m sure Kusan is having the same thoughts now. Laureng: Let’s move. Meanwhile south of the abyss Kusan and Fizz sit. Kusan: It seems we lost the others. Fizz: You’re not worried about your son? Kusan: The crater split straight down the center. Laureng and my kid are up north of the crater. Just south of where we are now seems to be some sort of a castle. It’s worth the look, it might have the key to getting to the castle in the center. If Treize and Laureng have the same thoughts now; we can re unite. Kusan and Fizz head south. The camera zooms back to the capital city, where Marius sits. Marius: The plan is going perfectly. The gods sit in the abyss, at that castle. We will defeat them there. Vulnus: We have the advantage now, we can lead real humans on the attack as we are in our habitat. Fore: Perfect! Vulnus: Fore, I have a different use for you. Fore: What!? Vulnus brings in someone who seems to be a higher ranking member of the military, around major maybe. Savus: Sir? Vulnus: Stand next to this man. Savus stands next to Fore, and Vulnus pulls out a handgun. He shoots both of them, then walks over. Vulnus: Fessler, go rally the armies. Fessler walks out to rally the forces. Vulnus merges the bodies together, using some sort of extremely advanced magicka. They become some sort of a hybrid beast. Vulnus: I’ll name you Irish. Irish: Ugghh… afgh… Marius: He can’t speak, can he? Doesn’t matter. Let’s move. We’ll have to get Clovis as the last Auel missing in our piece to fight the gods. They head out, the camera goes back to Laureng and Treize who have now come upon a town. Laureng: Everything seems dark and desolate. They enter the town, where they are ambushed. Immediately noticing the emblems on Laureng and Treize’s clothes; the ambushers who are simply villagers attack. Villager: You couldn’t just stay in your bounds? There was one thing! Don’t mess with the hourglass! Laureng: We’re not with-- Before he can finish a pitchfork comes close to his face; he dodges. The villagers surround the two, but before they can really do damage a man armed with ragtag sentinel gear from the Pantheon forces jumps out and stops them. Xylene: Stop, people of Myosong! These people no longer serve Pantheon and nor do I! Do not strike them, they did not cause this abyss! The villagers halt and head back to their homes. Xylene: You are heading to the castle; are you not? Laureng: We are. Xylene: Trying to fix the madness? Of course. Such a just cause, I will aid you in your journey. Let us go! As they move forward, they notice several temples miles apart in mountains, forests, and even seas. Laureng: Who knew there would be so much in the colony of the Ol’ West? Xylene: The shred of the hourglass created this. Each temple has a shard. 3 temples, 1 castle. Treize: Let’s head to the first one! They move, finding the one in the forest. They enter it and fight bats and few goblins to the head room, where they see the hourglass on a table at the far north side. They go to grab it, but about 10 feet away they are stopped by someone. Baugauven: Oh, you again. Laureng: Baugauven! Treize: Then you know this cur, too!? Xylene: Of course! The flame that tore whole cities apart! Baugauven: Such a high opinion you have of me. Maybe it’ll be higher when you're begging for your life with my blade at your neck! Xylene: Nah, we’ll see! Baugauven sends a heat wave forward, stopping the 3. Then he lunges forward, using his sword to send burning slashes out. Laureng: Agh! Laureng has a large burn across his face, he drops to the floor. Treize: No! Treize jumps in front of Laureng, taking a attack so he can not be finished off. Treize and laureng both now sit, beaten on the floor. Xylene stands in front of them. Xylene: Hold on! Baugauven: Let’s turn up the heat! Baugauven sends a massive energy of heat towards them, it is excruciating. However, Xylene takes the entire attack to shield Treize and Laureng. Xylene: This is for Myosong! Xylene lunges forward, he strikes Baugauven repeatedly. Baugauven: How much pain can you endure!? Xylene draws a greatsword with enscribements and gold energy seeping around it. He attacks Baugauven several times with a cast of Haste, in several seconds. Baugauven sends out his energy, creating a temperature in the room equal to that of molten lava. It lasts for only a few seconds however, as he drops to the floor and dies. Xylene: Use this greatsword, the enscribements on it. Put my soul in it and carry it; I will be able to stay with you. Following his instructions, they do. Laureng puts the sword in a sheath on his back and they walk towards the shard. They take it. Xylene: Testing from the sword, can you hear me?  Treize laughs, at the silliness of a sword talking. But it is all too real; as it is right in front of them. Treize: Loud and clear. Xylene: Great! Treize: Baugauven was one of the four, there are 3 temples and 1 castle. So maybe 1 of the four in each objective? Laureng: Maybe. They keep moving towards the temple in the sea. Back south however, Kusan and Fizz are not at the despair of having 4 objectives to go to. There is one castle. They begin to head there. Fizz: You are a Auel, correct? You don’t seem much different than a normal person. Kusan: My insides and my abilities, not to mention my knowledge are what differ me. Take that away and i’m your average schmuck. Just then, a huge gust of wind knocks them off their feet. A large bit of the gust circles around a small area, where a man appears. He has a green overcoat on with white near the bottom, no shirt, and maroon pants. His hair is light brown, and he has a eased look. Vata: Still shooting from the hip, I see. Kusan: Vata! Ex-Leader of Panzer Lehr and the hand to chaos! Vata: Haha, yeah. I don’t know how this happened but it’s perfect. The world is engulfed in chaos and my plans can come into fruition. Hundreds of tiny, duchy states fighting for control. The world split by the abyss. And of course, the place we stand on now; southern old west; will be my domain. I can’t let you stop that. Fizz: You’re absolutely mad! Vata: Turn back, or I will destroy you! Kusan: We’ve trekked miles. We will not stop for your insecurities! Vata clasps his hands together then sends them in a motion, sending a gust of wind towards Kusan and Fizz. It knocks them off balance. Vata then uses magicka to cast buffet, the wind circles around Fizz and Kusan; wounding them and throwing their gear around. Fizz: The wind is too strong, I can’t get my body in any position! Vata: At least entertain me! I’ll give you a head start. Vata removes the casts and Fizz and Kusan get up. Kusan: Too cocky! Vata: What!? Kusan lunges at Vata, slashing him twice. Vata sends him back with wind but Fizz uses magicka to create stone, keeping him from going back to far and blocking the wind attacks. Just then, a man masked, hooded and in a robe comes out. ???: The mind control didn’t work, did it? Vata: Ugh.. What..? ???: I am ridding you of your debt to me, my magickan control over you. You can return to your old self, you were useless anyways. I figured “Hand of chaos” would be a good act to put for you. I was wrong. Vata: I’m free. Finally. ???: Call me Senlok, by the way. Master isn’t needed anymore. Vata: Warriors, I suppose I owe you an apology. My mind was in control by someone else, and all my fighting and allegiance was a ruse. I am really one of the four, enlisted by Pantheon. Senlok: I’ll be gone. Senlok vanishes. Kusan: If one of the four could be controlled like this, that man must have some sort of breakthrough power or ability. Vata: He accidentally gained those powers when fighting some beasts at a temple. Fizz: Doesn’t matter, we’ll keep moving. Vata creates a gust of wind around him and then disappears. Kusan and Fizz keep moving, meanwhile at the Pantheon Capital city… Marius: Soldiers of Pantheon, today we march! About 1,000 soldiers are lined up, ready. They seem to be the best of the Pantheon forces. Spell Slingers, elite infantry, the whole lot are lined up in parade formation. Vulnus: Irish, Fessler! Let’s move! Marius: We’ll halt near the abyss! March! However, up north things are less sunny and daisy. Taking the advantage of Clovis’ and Xinke’s forces being separated, the Republic has launched an entire forward attack. Clovis: Hold them back! Clovis’ force is around several thousand, however the Republic has sent almost their entire army; 50,000 strong. The march south has left them tired; however. Xinke has jumped at the opportunity and has marched behind the Republicans, surrounding them. Their jumbled armies are caught in a crossfire from 4 sides. General Peter: Reform, damnit reform! It is a cluster of different orders and soldiers here, Republicans fall faster and faster. Colonel Donald: Break out, break their left! The republicans break the Pantheon left, barely and retreat out through it back north. 30,000 Republican casualties are suffered in the battle. The floor is littered with bodies. Clovis: Xinke, you are to take charge of this entire army. It’s around 20,000 strong at this point; merge the two groups together. Take the 20,000 after the merge and defeat them. Xinke: Understood. Clovis raises his hand, energy goes around him and then he disappears. He appears next to Marius, and they walk as if nothing happened. Back in north Old West however, Laureng, Treize and Xylene have came upon the next shard. Nobody comes out, so Laureng grabs it. Upon grabbing it, several beasts come out. They lunge at the party of 3. Laureng slashes one down using Xylene, Treize uses magicka to freeze the next two and laureng cuts the frozen ones down. Laureng: It seems our little prediction was wrong, these aren’t the four! Treize: I’m guessing that means that the four are split up between factions; the divine generals of the gods will probably guard the castle. Xylene: That was the last of them! They grab the crystal shard and head out. Back in the south; Fizz and Kusan have arrived at the castle. They enter it, it’s big. They fight spirits and mages on the way, then they reach a room that has a crystal shard in it. Before they can grab it, a man clad in heavy armor appears along with heavy lightning. The man in heavy armor speaks. Senlok: Oh, I remember you guys! I forgot to mention; I am Senlok of the Thunder; one of the divine generals! Kusan: Of course! Such power to control one of the four, the 4 that can defy the basic principles of magicka and master a element, I knew you couldn’t be another human! I knew you were lying when you made Vata believe that you stumbled upon your powers! Senlok: Of course, you just didn’t take action then; but that was a grave mistake. Now you’ll be forced to take action in my stronger form! Senlok creates a thundara sword, he slashes Fizz. She is electricuted and stumbles a few feet away, and falls. She is either unconsious or dead. Senlok turns to Kusan, however Kusan uses his Auelist speed and agility to dodge several bolts of thunder, which destroy the flooring they land on. However, Kusan does not pay attention to his directioning and he runs into a wall and flomps onto the floor. A bolt of electricity comes straight down for him, but a sudden gust of wind towards it flies it away. Vata: I’ve played the fool for long enough, I pretended I was under your control, pretended I was the idiot here. I wanted to gain the power to strike back at the divine generals for what they’ve done. I was one of the four, but not nearly good enough. I remember you; divine general of thunder! You are the one that destroyed my home! Vata casts Buffet on Senlok, and Senlok starts to take continous damage. Vata: For years I trained, wanting to take the blunt way and attack you! But eventually I decided to trick you and serve, to gain your trust and strike when you didn’t expect it. Those plans are off now, you’re mine, divine general! Vata sends a unbearing gust of wind towards Senlok; it sends him flying into the wall and part of his armor rips away and flies off. Even Kusan has to hold on. Vata: You burnt everything with your thunder, killed them to a man! I survived, at the cost of living with the knowledge that my whole family is dead! Vata causes wind to go upwards, sending tables chairs, pedestals and swords to fly up. He causes the wind to change direction towards Senlok; and the objects fly into him; cutting and bashing. Senlok: Take out your rage on me, that won’t change the fact that I murdered them all! Vata: No, but they’ll rest in peace knowing a cur like you is dead! Kusan! Sword pointed! Kusan points his sword towards Senlok, Vata creates another unbearable gust of wind and Kusan flies into Senlok, sword out it stabs through the armor and into Senlok’s chest. Senlok: Imp-- Impossible… How could you defea-- one of the div… Senlok dies. Vata: The four are not a faction. They are just people like anyone else; besides the divine generals, the gods, and the Auels of course. They have powers and they can support whoever they want; Baugauven chose to be a pawn of the gods and he paid for it. Kusan: How would you know? Vata: I was up north a few hours ago, after we fought. I saw him die, some kid; a armored guy and another guy fighting him. The kid had a red dye to some of his hair, I heard him scream “Laureng” at one point. Kusan: The kid is my son and the other guy, we travelled. Fizz gets up; and uses magicka to heal some of her burns from the electricity. Kusan and Fizz grab the shard of crystal, it seems to be half of it. They go back down and head south. Back north, Treize Laureng and Xylene have defeated a watchbeast and grabbed the last shard of crystal. They head south. Marius’ armies have reached the abyss. Hours pass, Marius’ army is ready to bridge the abyss and enter the castle. Treize, Laureng and Xylene have used the power of the hourglass and are ready to enter the castle, so are Kusan, Fizz and Vata. Marius: MARCH! Laureng: Move in! Vata: With the wind and haste, let us move! All 3 parties move into the castle, they don’t notice eachother. Marius and his forces are the first to reach the top. At the top are 3 divine generals, and 2 gods. The first divine general speaks up. Zinnia: I am Regret, of the earth and divine general to the gods! Marius: Hilarious. Marius lunges at Regret with astonishing speed, he slashes her stomach and he doubles over. Marius: Continue. Vulnus steps forward and casts magicka on her, the gash in her stomach groes bigger and Vulnus creates several swords of fire and ice in the air; they crash down on him. Clovis then steps forward and with him is Irish, the beast. He summons the beast forward; and it finishes off Regret. Marius: Does anyone else wish to step forward? Marius’ force is spread out amongst the right side of the castle, suddenly on the north side at the top of the castle comes Treize, Laureng and the talking sword: Xylene. Laureng: It seems we’re late for the party. On the southern side, 3 people also bust in. Vata, Kusan and Fizz walk through the southern door. Vata: A hasty reunion. Treize: Father! Kusan: There’s no time for affection now. Ready yourself! Vata: If it isn’t Vulnus! Vulnus: I meant to leave you dead a while ago! Marius: No. Our goal is the gods. Do not focus on them. Marius leaps at the next divine general, Ambrogio. Marius: The divine generals were picked by the gods for their will at birth, those who had a devout religious family were tested, and few were taken to the plane of gods. Even fewer became divine generals, an astonishing 4. Alas, it is true that these 4 are amazing in combat; however against the Auels, they are nothing. Ambrogio blocks several of Marius’ attacks. Marius: And if I can’t destroy you, i’ll just have to teach you a lesson! Leave you a mark; a memory that the people of this world are not your slaves. Just then, a holy spell comes down sending blue energy down onto all of them. Down from the skies comes Zinnia, earth elemental god. Zinnia: Seems I was missing all the fun. Marius: First the divine generals, now the gods. This must be my lucky day! The Auels leap at Zinnia, so does Irish the beast. Zinnia uses earth elemental attacks against them but they seem to be in vain. Vulnus: Fessler! Why do you stand back!? Fessler: I never was under your control; Vulnus. I must be a good actor. Being in your team, I could ensure that Treize never got hurt in a battle against us. Fessler draws his blade and leaps at Vulnus. Clovis: Damnit Vulnus we need you here! Vulnus ignores the calling and continues fighting his enemy, Fessler. Vata jumps in to help him. Vata: A enemy of my enemy is a friend, Fessler. Let us defeat this scum! Vata and Fessler both fight Vulnus, a gleam of revenge in their eyes. Suddenly, Zinnia summons hundreds of beastlings to fight at her aid. She loses a lot of her energy with that spell. Fizz: We can’t just stand here! We have to end this quickly or the sheer energy will cause yet another massive disruption! Fizz, Treize, Laureng and Kusan dash to defeat Zinnia’s army of beastlings.