Roxas M. Barragan

Roxas has been playing Graal since 2010, partaking in many notable guilds such as the original Royal Guard, and The Alliance. He is one of the few remaining members of the original Royal Guard that is still here today. He founded the last name "Barragan," and with the exception of honorary titles given to Gorgo and Ajax, the only member.

The Military Beginning- The Royal Guard (Original/Pre-Imperia)

One day while playing Graal Roxas went into the castle to notice it had been occupied by members of The Royal Guard. Roxas began to mess around with them by PK'ing their leader, Auel. The fun was short lasted as Auel brushed him off and did not say anything. Awing at this attitude he had, Roxas decided to guard Auel on the throne. After several minutes of doing so, Auel invited him to The Royal Guard where he started as an Apprentice.

Conflicts Within The Royal Guard

Roxas took part in a battle with a (now) unknown group. This is where he earned his rank Knight after successfully beating the enemy in a "Capture the Throne" type game. He was promoted by Troubadour, and later received rank and kick powers within The Royal Guard.

Notes of The Royal Guard

Noted by Kentiman to be one of Auel's favorites.

The Alliance

After the fall of The Royal Guard, Roxas moved onto the next guild Auel had to offer, The Alliance.

Notable Accomplishments

Roxas quickly became 2nd in command of The Alliance, and later became Auel's officially appointed secretary. Where he was given a desk in Auel's library.

During his time, Roxas had helped Auel take down a notorious hacker (name unknown).

The End of The Alliance

One day, without much notice, considering Roxas was not on; The Alliance had been taken over, or something had happened.


First Era

Roxas began in Imperia for the first era, however it was short lived and Roxas never made it around to the later eras due to software failure on the current device he was using at time, a First Generation iPod Touch (It has since been repaired by the more knowledgeable Roxas today and is still functioning).

Baby Killing Guild (Possibly Baby Puncher Association, time-frame unknown)

During his time there, Roxas participated in many covert ops in taking the babies down. Auel would dress up as a baby and lure the unsuspecting targets in, while the clansmen would hide in bushes in Auel’s Guild House. Once the baby entered, they would spring from the bushes and ambush the baby. While this activity was practiced from time to time within Imperia, it was the soul purpose within this guild.

The End of The Baby Killing Guild

Again, without much notice, everyone inside of the guild slowly went inactive. For several weeks Roxas stayed on waiting for someone, but no one showed up. Because of this, Roxas went along with everyone else and quit Graal.

Period of Inactivity

After being unable to play Graal due to the low quality in which Apple products are manufactured, Roxas went into a period of inactivity. The time of inactivity caused Roxas to lose his original account, which had accumulated thousands of hours and many hats and mounts rarely seen today. The Period of Inactivity would last several years, with nations such as Imperia and The State rising while he was gone.


Several years had passed, and Roxas showed up on Graal. He had discovered he no longer had his original account, and was forced to make a new one. He then conducted his usual rounds of checking on everyone, Troubadour was still gone and many others too. But when he finally got around to Auel, he had noticed he was now active again and leading a nation known as The State. This was the start of Roxas getting back into Graal.

The State

The Beginning

Roxas had been recruited to State Infantry I, lead by Vulnus at the time. He was promoted through the ranks to Sergeant, skipping the ranks below it. Roxas was scheduled to be promoted to Command Sergeant Major, representing every NCO and Enlisted man in State. However Roxas never achieved this as Auel quit Graal before the official promotion could happen. Roxas stayed within the State, now lead by Vulnus, however the promotion was not honored and Roxas stayed his original rank. Several days after Auel had quit, State was declining very fast, so Roxas took a break from Graal, before joining back to the newer States and other military.

The State

Within the many eras within State, Roxas has held many positions and ranks.

Notable Ranks Under Approved Leaders of State

  • Captain of State Infantry I
  • Lieutenant Colonel - Head of Military Affairs
  • Chief Warrant Officer - Head of the Military Police
  • Various General Officer Positions (Brigadier General-Lieutenant General)
  • Various Field Grade Officer Positions (Major-Colonel)
  • Various Company Grade Officer Positions (2nd Lieutenant-Captain)
  • Various Non-Commission Officer Positions (Sergeant-Command Sergeant Major)
  • Roxas has never held an enlisted rank.

Band of the Hawk

Roxas currently is the head of the Band of the Hawk. The Band of the Hawk is not a military guild, nor will it ever be one. Its sole purpose is to add something to the end of Roxas' name.


On many occasions, Roxas will PM a player with the Cigarette shield this:

"Secondhand smoke kills, you know. It’s far worse than the fumes you inhale directly. Take diethylene, one of those nasty carcinogens your doctor might have warned you about on your last visit. Firsthand smoke has between 5.3 and 43 nanograms of diethylene, whereas, secondhand smoke has 680 and 823 nanograms.Then we’ve got quinoline, another effective one, secondhand smoke has 18,000 nanograms; 11 times more than the amount you’re sucking down firsthand. You can make the choice to blacken your lungs, but don’t expect to enforce that on me."