"Did you not plan for the abomination that is the new military generation? Why don't you have a self destruct button on militaries, Auel? I mean the Starship Enterprise did."

-Saul M. Goodman, talking to Auel.

Ever since Arcadia was born, I knew militaries would fall. I seriously doubted it, because I wanted to, I wanted it to be fake, but I knew somehow it would.

Boom headshot, and now the community is burning alive. Beat that, Steven Moffat, we killed more hopes and dreams then you have.

Since Petey-poo made militaries, he always invited the class clowns: Cladz with his Nazi Jokes, Artix with his racist jokes, not to mention the abomination that is Star and Bliss (Star was a lot better in Imperial, I say). Since Arcadia was such a big influence in the military life, a huge guild like that, when it fell, it caused ripples. Every member, an estimated census of 130 Arcadians, were all somehow unserious, unmilitant, social guilders. They cracked jokes. Arcadia was a social/military, the first of it's kind that's remembered nowadays. It was an abomination and even Arcadians know that.

Fast forward a year, lets say 10-a super low number, of those wisecracking joking soldiers of Arcadia made their own military. 10 Arcadian Member militaries. Mini Pete's. They did the same thing. And recruited the jokers. And now, lets give them each a low of 50 members each, that's 500 jokesters, minus a generous 50 serious, plus 120 more (10 gone because of their own guild.)

Now militaries are contaminated. 50/50 Social-Military mix. Fast forward to now. Even Auel's state didn't last a month, because those he recruits are those who make jokes.

We don't need jokesters. We need the serious. Joking is ok. It's important to keep a military alive, now at least, but Majors+ up shouldn't be doing it! Captains should bond their units together themselves, and have 4 unit inner circles instead of shady inner circles that always try to attack each other.

We need to stop. Eliminate Star, Artix, Bliss, (sorry) Zeref, Silver, and get down to the bones of serious af people. Once we have this community back off it's knees, we can invite them back, and introduce them to what WAS.


Now get off your lazy asses and stop groaning "oh no I want State back" BOO HOO. State achieved because it had serious people. If Bavaria was serious, it would beat State. Any day, any record (maybe not GFX). But it isn't. NOW JUST DO IT.

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