I’ve heard a lot lately about “The Court of Owls.” Well, dear court, I call bullshit!

Throughout Graal Military history, scare tactics have been deployed to cause fear to make people look powerful. I basically did it with The Consortium – Started a rumor about it, and made people assume it was some big secret society that was gonna fuck up yo shit. Ultimately, it made me more powerful because people believed in it, when in reality it was a little group of nerds just doing random shit.

This has happened a million times before, and it’s happening here with your Food Court or whatever. A bunch of hormonal pre-teens are banding together to play Dungeons and Dragons and tell everyone that they’re the angels of death.

I present this in a way that’s making light of it, but I do hope that you’re getting the message from this – Scare tactics have been a staple of Graal Military life, but they’re nothing but scare tactics.

 If you want authority, you fucking earn it – You don’t create a legend about an evil Assembly of Peacocks or whatever.

Always remember whenever you’re scared of something – Graal is a game. They can’t hurt you. Graal is also a game that’s impossible to hack on certain levels, coming from someone who has a career in computer sciences.

When people say they infiltrated your guild – That’s bullshit. Someone recruited them. You can’t hack your way into a guild. You also can’t delete accounts, or delete guilds remotely. And you most certainly cannot access accounts without being given access. Here’s what you can do on Graal – Anything you can do with CheatEngine. That’s it. Done deal.

Don’t be a dough-head, be informed. Don’t fall for scare tactics.

Also, if you’re one of these Courting Pigeons or whatever, don’t bother with cryptic comments. There’s a convenient “Delete comment” button.

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So Lazarus made a noob attempt at having the page taken down:

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Nice try, but no, it's pretty obvious that you're not Wikia Staff. Thanks anyway! :^)

I will now protect this page to prevent further vandalism. But this only proves that LaZarus knows that this page is true.