(Note: This is obviously somewhat of a parody of the popular piece of literature, 1984. If you haven't read it or heard of it, you might be somewhat confused.)

Regius Han secretly hated the ruling party. Although being propaganda minister of Airstrip Two, formerly known as Balamb Island, he still harboured resentment for the fascist party that absorbed all of Graal, and brought on a brutal totalitarian regime, renaming the once divided Graal into Oceania. The social structure of Oceania was very rigid, with the mysterious leader only known as Auel having total control of everything. Nobody even knows if Auel even exists, but he is responsible for the founding of the party, the mass surveillance, and the suffering of Oceania's people. Regius intended to bring an end to Auel's rule, and would go to extreme levels to attempt to bring the party down.

Regius stared down from his apartment window. He could recall a time before the Party took control of the island, and even before it was called Airstrip Two. Long ago, this place was a colourful and vibrant place, filled with vast forests, and pleasant locals. Now it was reduced to a dark and empty city. Security cameras covered the City, along with tattered posters of Auel's supposed face, with big words written below: "AUEL IS WATCHING YOU".

Regius got ready for work, and headed out. Despite his reluctance, he knew that breaking the clockwork routine counts as disobedience to the party, which would have major consequences. Regius finally made it to his office, the Ministry of Truth, and begun his work, crossing out truths and replacing them with lies. After about two hours, Vulnus Consilim walked into the room, bearing a white armband on his black uniform, an inner party symbol. Everyone stood up and saluted at the sight of Vulnus, and he begun to speak. "The one minute of hate will begin". The one minute of hate was a moment of the day, every day where the party would broadcast the terrorist Soren on all of television, telling (supposed) lies about the Party. The Party constantly does this to make sure that the people continue hating Soren. The television screen in the room flickered, and the one minute of hate had begun.

[Is currently a work in progress]