Similar to Stories from the mind of Gorgo, this story, and several others, will have a hidden reference.

And yeah, I say "The assassin" a lot in this story.

The assassin lay in tall grass, clenching his rifle. He impatiently checked his watch. 2200 hours. "The target's convoy should be here at any moment" he murmured to himself. After a few minutes of waiting, the convoy emerged from the end of the street. It consisted of two cars, and a limousine in the centre. The assassin fished through his backpack and pulled out a frag grenade. He then proceeded to pull the pin, and gently rolled it onto the street. A few moments pass, and the grenade goes off, engulfing the first car in flames and bringing the second one to a sudden stop. Heavily armed men starting climbing out of the second car, shouting orders at each other to protect the V. I. P. The assassin then slowly emerged from the tall grass, and swiftly fired several bullets into each of the soldier's skulls, killing them instantly. The assassin then slowly walked towards the limo, and in cold blood, murdered the innocent chauffeur. He then swung open the passenger door, and yanked the target out of the limousine. The target didn't even bother resisting, but just sat up against the side of the limo. "Filthy communist. The king will know of this, and he'll send his armies to hunt you down" the target murmured. "Does it look like I give a fuck?" the assassin shot back. The assassin then slowly drew his silenced pistol, and fired it straight into the target's forehead, killing the target instantly.

Little did the assassin know, that single bullet would change history.