The Koshikoi Family was created during the age of Latveria. The name was given only to four players, who were considered the greatest loyalists at the time.

Koshikoi, which itself means "divine wisdom and honor", was meant to portray the ideals of Latveria. True Latverians pride themselves in their fortitude, as well as their belief in bushido, staying loyal to militaries until their death or until the leader gives up.

Known Koshikoi:

Quroung Koshikoi (Founder/Leader of Latveria)

Junji Eshekeri Koshikoi (Latverian Commander)

Macbeth Koshikoi (Latverian Minister)

Apolo Koshikoi (Latverian Commander)

The name is no longer distributed, as no one houses the ideals of the Koshikoi.

"The men that shift with the wind. Trees with no roots falling over. I stand firm in my fortitude, under my king, in absolute honor."