A picture discovered during the Robloxian Trials Era of Sol, the second Octavian.

The Octavian dynasty is one of the first families to be dubbed a "line," or "dynasty" and as of it's creation and peak, became powerful and militaristic.

The Octavian Dynasty

Vata, who was later revealed to be Sol, created the family as a simple last name. He made a second account, naming it "Sol Octavian." Vata/Sol then left to the ROBLOXian trials and studied leadership, wars, group structure, and recruitment. He met a man named Braddock there. Braddock was a extremely prominent ROBLOXian who was also in studies. Vata/Sol convinced Braddock to come with him to the world of Graal Classic, and so he came. With only a noob account, he couldn't grab members as he could on ROBLOX. Vata/Sol gifted him his current account and the 2 shared it. The 2 made Aurelia, and John Senlok Wehlet aided who he believed to be only Sol. Aurelium passed going the same way, and eventually Octavian made a account and said farewell to Vata, refusing to tell him the name of the account until later. The account was named "Truth Washington" and eventually was revealed to only Vata, currently under the name of "Vulpes" that he was Octavian. Against Vata's wishes, Truth revealed his identity to all, and plans for a 3rd piece of the "Aurelia-Aurelium" guilds, Aurelis. It was set to be a trilogy of Octavian dominated guilds, all named Aur sounding. It failed in 4 days, but it had a lasting impact as it created 3 new Octavians. John Senlok Wehlet, Grizz, and Augustus. Octavian made the "Octavian Dynasty" guild, and all the Octavians were placed in there for reference. However, Travis, a former Aurelis coordinator, was disrespected by all, and generally short on power. He paid Octavian 30$ in iTunes money to give him the dynasty guild and make him look like a god, much to the dislike of the dynasty Octavian agreed. The Dynasty was disbanded and re named "Inculta" which is Latin for "warrior." Many Octavians did not agree to this and did not follow the dynasty in its renaming, and Grizz and Augustus did not follow. John, Octavian, and Vata are the only 3 Incultas and the dynasty may be completely revamped to only Octavian and Vata.

Further Info

The ROBLOXian Trials were when the three Octavians went to ROBLOX to learn from the advanced militaries there, where groups can hold millions of members and the wars are huge and organized.

The Octavian Dynasty is based off of a dynasty, and edited to where when a new member comes in he/she is given power and as time goes, gains power.