Valerock City is the military classification of Snow Town. It was originally created by Gorgo in Morzan’s State, and has been under the control of The State, Alteria, Gates Brigade, and Atlantia.

Valerock City was founded when Morzan wanted to add a city element to the State. Gorgo was appointed its first Governor by a rigged election, and the project lasted less than 24 hours before Sherlock took control of the State and shut it down.

Valerock returned in Alteria. It had about 5-10 guards, and ran relatively smoothly up until Alteria’s end.

Valerock returned once again in Atlantia, Gorgo’s own guild, when she passed the torch to Azrael, as he had experience running cities in Elysia. Azrael was inactive during this period however, so it did not amount to much.

Valerock’s final chapter came in Gates Brigade, when Bill Gates, Juliette, Mathiveas, and their small battalion defended the land from the unsuspecting State soldiers on their way there. It was a narrow victory, as the Gates Brigade was on the path to a loss, however The State eventually retreated.