4 years ago, I joined Imperia and became part of the military community. If you wanna know bout all that, just check out the wikia, it's not important to the story.

Anyways, this community has been 4 years in progress. This is the first time in those 4 fucking years that somebody with a backbone was created. The community is ran by a bunch of old skeletons AKA Auel, me and a few others at rare times. Yet, when we don't run it, people go "HERP DERP U GUYS NO LEADING HURR BAD OLDIES." See, this is why we don't want to lead anymore. The moment we make something halfway fucking decent, you retards go "ALLAHU AKBAR" and decide to take the stupidest decisions of your entire god damn lives. You go rogue, you join anarchists, you make up some kind of twisted rebellion. You drop out, you don't participate. In short, you become real fucking annoying to manage. And then, two weeks later, you come back to us crying, yelling "BUT WE LIKED IT SIRRRRR."

So, I ask you to decide right fucking now: will you start listening to us like a bunch of good soldiers, or are you gonna run us into the ground ONE MORE FUCKING TIME? I imply that you guys take a wise decision for once and actually listen to your superiors, stop going "I will be the 1 to make le change xD!!!!!1!1!1!!!!" And rebelling, just actually listen to your officers, trust us, stop doing stupid shit.